Commercial Electrical Services at A Plus Electric & Construction

Welcome to A Plus Electric & Construction. We have firmly established ourselves as the number one choice in the city for commercial electrical services. Given our many years of experience, excellent skills, and amazing staff, we have worked our way to the top. Thanks to this winning combination, you can rely on us to deliver outstanding work. 

We specialize in electrical repair service. What makes us different from our competitors is the care and attention we pour into every detail. You can always expect quality, but not at the expense of time. If you need something done quickly, we are more than equipped to handle the task.

As a construction company, we give you our full attention for your remodeling projects. Key to our success is the ability to listen to our client's wishes and preferences. By catering to what you demand, we produce the best results for everyone involved. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and the way we conduct business supports that philosophy.

For an electrical contractor, contact A Plus Electric & Construction in Athens, TN today!


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